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BookSpider is Africa’s full-service book publishing company for authors seeking to share their ideas with the world.





Watch your manuscript evolve into its fullest potential with BookSpider. We will transform your manuscript to a book that readers are curious, excited, and can’t stop talking about. You can enjoy even more value when you engage us. We have a reputation for publishing high-quality books that meet local and international standards. We publish:
• Memoir & Autobiographies
• Biographies
• Fiction
• Non-fiction
• Business
• Industry reports
• Religious
• Self-help

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Book cover, illustrative art, inner graphics, whatever your visual expectations for your book are, our design team will interpret them with excellence.

If on the other hand you are not sure how to choose a befitting design for your book, our creative team will guide you through targeted options that speak to the message you want to convey to your audience or readers.

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We will make it easy for readers all over the world to find your book by getting a unique, approved identity for your intellectual work.

With your International Standard Book Number (ISBN), you can access data on how many copies of your book is being published. You don’t need to endure bureaucracies to get it because BookSpider will process in time with zero stress.

Our ISBN approval process is so seamless and fast that you never have to lift a finger and it is delivered to you together with your Bar Code.

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Does the process of writing and publishing a book sound overwhelming to you? Or are you stuck or unsure of your next move and need guidance? We have a solution for you.

If you would like to understand how to publish your book and make it a best-seller, or you would like to clarify anything about your publishing process, we have a team of experienced consultants on standby to guide you through the process. Call or send a mail to speak to our publishing expert and let’s take your worries away.

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Do you want to also reach those who prefer or love to listen to audio books? BookSpider has a state-of-the-art studio and a professional team that can make this happen with a crisp sound quality that captivates your audience’s attention. Even better, through us, you can make your audio material available on internationally recognised audiobook sites like Scribd and Audible. This service includes:

  • Audio Book
  • Audio Trailer
  • Podcast Recording
  • Jingle Production
  • Voicing & Mixing
  • Author Interviews
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From offline to online platforms, BookSpider will give your book better real estate in local and international stores, helping to place your work in the places that matter. We will place it on our store as well as handle other media exposure and the distribution of your book to storefronts, frontpages and more, giving you a wide reach.

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Often, readers like to read from people they know, but you don’t have to be intimidated if you don’t have a fanbase of readers yet. We will give you a platform to earn the trust of readers all over Africa through our author branding services. We will create strong brand visuals for you, position you strategically to gain credibility and attract people who will read and love your writing.

Find success as an author today. Let’s create a strong brand for you.

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