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How to Plan a Fantastic Book Launch Party

How to Plan a Fantastic Book Launch Party

Your book is done and dusted. What next? A party, of course. Whether you’re publishing your book for the first time or not, you must hold a book launch party just as you do for birthdays and important days.

Most authors hesitate to organise a book launch party because they see it as just a party, but it’s not; it is a marketing strategy. It is the perfect time to promote your books and make your way to the hearts of your fans and readers.

Publishing a book is an outstanding achievement; therefore, it deserves all the accolades and a well-organised launch party. By doing so, you boost your self-confidence to publish more works.

There are steps you need to follow to plan a successful launch party, which are:

  • Plan Months Ahead

You must begin planning your event on time, just as you would plan your birthday or any other ceremony. Brainstorm the kind of event you want and check how other authors have done theirs in the past as a reference.

Also, consider the venue, event date, guests, event order, and your total budget. These considerations should be done at least three months before the scheduled date of the event.

  • Inform Your Friends and Family

Sharing your goals with others heightens your sense of responsibility to achieve them. Therefore, when planning a book launch, create awareness about your forthcoming event on all your social media pages and invite friends and family to witness your special day. Yes, not everyone who hears about your event will attend, but by spreading the news, you’re letting your audience know what you’re up to and keeping yourself accountable to the promise.

  • Dress Well for the Event

Your book launch party is a big deal; everyone will focus on you, so dress to impress. You wouldn’t want to shift your audience’s attention to talking about how shabbily you’re dressed to an event you took months to plan. Instead, let them see how gorgeous, beautiful or handsome you look by going for something that makes you look authoritative or friendly or simply makes you stand out.

  • Prepare Your Order of Event

What activity will you feature during the launch party? Do you want your audience to be merry with sweet delicacies? Arrange for that. The sound of music is not left out. Also, consider the audience you’re targeting in your book. For instance, if you’re writing a children’s book, you must invite your target audience to your party and organise activities that engage them. That way, it will be an interesting and exciting party for your invitees.

  • Display Copies of Your Book

Hosting a launch party is one side of the coin; having the printed copies of your books available for sale is the other. Without the latter, then there’s no point in hosting the party in the first place. Displaying your book is important as your book launch aims to sell and announce your book to a general audience. Also, sign an autograph on each book you sell.

  • Take Photos After the Event

Don’t end your book launch without taking enough pictures. Take pictures with your friends and family. Also, take shots of your book from different angles. Capture moments of people with your book and when you’re autographing a copy.

And while you write about how successful your launch party went on social media, attach those pictures. By doing so, you can gain more visibility.

Your book launch is your marketing strategy; it boosts your confidence and increases your brand awareness as an author. Increase your credibility by ensuring that everything about your book is top-notch, including its layout, quality, and cover design.

We at BookSpider are professionals at this; trust us to impress your invitees at your book launch party by clicking here to get in touch today.