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Choose an Intriguing Book Cover with These 5 Steps

Choose an Intriguing Book Cover with These 5 Steps

You remember that saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, right? The phrase explains to us not to miss out on something great just because ’of how it looks.

But the real question is: Shouldn’t we judge a book by its cover?

What do you think?

A book cover design aims to give your readers a glimpse of the book’s theme even before they dive into its content.

Put yourself in your readers’ position. Would you purchase a book that you’re not drawn to?

Furthermore, many elements make up a good cover design. Elements like your images, bold and visible font, and your typography. All these elements and more are essential ingredients for a captivating book cover.

Now, let’s get right into the steps to choose a captivating cover for your book.

  • Know what your readers want: Figure out what they fancy in terms of images, colours, and After all, your book cover is the first date with your readers. Get it right, and you’ve got their attention!
  • Understand the emotions of colours: Your book’s colour combination impacts your cover design. Most people buy items based on the colour used to package them. The same applies to books. Here are some colours and what emotions they trigger.

Red: Confidence, passion, and aggression.

Blue: Loyalty, dependability, trustworthiness.

Black: Strong, mysterious, authoritative.

  • Be clear on the genre of your book: Start by understanding your book’s genre and theme so that you can communicate the book’s idea to your designer. It is also essential to convey emotions rather than focus on details when designing your book’s cover. Understand that the first thing readers see is the book cover and not the book’s content.
  • Choose engaging elements: Most authors focus on just the beauty and aesthetics of their book and not how engaging it looks. Your photos, illustrations, and typographies are meant to hook and engage your readers so they are drawn in and curious to know what’s inside when they see your book.
  • Let your cover accurately reflect the content of your book: A final and very important step is considering the connection between your book’s cover and the content of the book. As much as you must design a captivating cover design, it must align with your book’s content. A cover that doesn’t truly reflect your book’s content might disappoint your readers when they eventually begin reading it, and that can tarnish your image as an author.

So, here we have it, some critical steps to choosing an intriguing book cover design. Follow these steps and make your cover design inspire your readers to read your book.  You’ll be on your way to the hearts of your readers.

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