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Five Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Publisher

Five Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Publisher

Choosing the correct publisher is an important part of the publishing process, and with so many markets and publishing alternatives available, authors must do their homework of finding out the best publisher for their work.

It is often said that writing a book is the hardest part of being an author but finding the right publisher for your book can make you a bestselling author. That is why authors mustn’t just accept any publisher’s offer but observantly choose the right publisher to make their books stand out amongst the crowd.

This article takes a closer look at five things to look out for when choosing a publisher.

As there are many traditional publishers out there an author must note these five things when choosing a publisher:

  • Know your editor
  • Know the publisher’s track record with similar books
  • Know the cost implication and other financial terms offered
  • Know your publishing team
  • Consider a publisher who can afford to advertise at the point of sale.
  1. Know your editor

The editor who is acquiring the work is critical to the author’s happy publishing experience. For an author, the editor must express genuine excitement for the author and their work (s). An author may want an editor who understands the author’s vision for the book, the author’s audience, and, hopefully, the vision for his/her career; somebody who appears to like and want to collaborate with the author’s distinct style (as opposed to immediately offering ideas for changing it). Some publishing companies offer editing services while some will refer you to good editors. Either way, ensure you and the editor are on the same page.

          2. Know the publisher’s track record with a similar book

You should examine how other books in the same genre have been handled. Know other authors’ prior experiences with that publisher, know how marketing and sales were handled, as well as the number of units. Also, investigate if any of the publisher’s prior books in this genre have become blockbusters.

          3. Know the cost implications and other financial terms offered

Frequently, the amount of advance offered reflects the publisher’s commitment and motivation. And, let’s face it, a solid financial setup may make or break an author’s career. So you should consider the money! Do not be deceived by people who say money is not a major issue; it is a big lie! Your book publication will get the best if the financial commitment is there.

          4. Know your publishing team

Because you’ll be communicating with them frequently, it’s critical that you get to know your publishing team and how they collaborate. It’s crucial to work with the proper team, so be sure you’re compatible and get along. If the fit isn’t good for you, you’ll notice right away. Your book will come out as good as your relationship with your publishing team.

          5. Consider a publisher who can afford to advertise at the point of sale.

When it comes to sales and launching of your book, you must collaborate with the publisher because they can negotiate with big bookstore chains to have display stands installed, pay for the book to be placed face-out, and so on.  They should have substantial experience in the publishing business as well as the nock and crannies of marketing a book.

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