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How To Make Your Book Cover Stand Out

How To Make Your Book Cover Stand Out

Forget what people say about not judging a book by its cover. In the literary space, books are judged by their covers. Countless books have been misinterpreted or left unread because of the book covers. The content of your book matters but so does the cover. About 90% of books sold in recent years are judged and bought because of their book covers. This implies that nearly every reader judges a book by its cover.

Unfortunately, authors have undermined the power of a book cover as a selling point and a strategic customer attraction. With the vicious competition that has made standing out incredibly difficult, a great book cover can make all the difference needed.

Your book cover should tell the story, paint the picture of the story to its audience, and trigger curiosity in the reader. But how?

We have a few tips that can make your book cover stand out.

Let your book cover design be professional

The important feature of an amazing book cover is that it looks professional. Professional covers are easy to read; the textual components are clear and simple. The images are connected with the storyline and the reader. A romance book shouldn’t have scary images or designs on its cover.

Focus on one image

Some authors may be tempted to go overboard by attempting to reflect every theme in their story on the book cover. Book covers don’t require a lot of images. Keep in mind that your readers can relate to what they are seeing. Choose one powerful theme for the cover, even if you have three storylines, thirty characters, twenty scenes, and multiple plot twists.

Select your colours carefully.

In writing, colours are important because they create emotional reactions in the reader. Therefore, every colour you choose should align and connect to the story and also connect to the reader. For example, when your story talks about nature, you should consider green, yellow, etc., as your cover colour. These colours portray the central themes of your storyline. You should also keep the variance of the colours in mind.

Use sub-titles and teasers

A teaser or subtitle takes relatively little time to read but can create curiosity and entice the reader to read the entire book. A brief subtitle or teaser could provide readers with further information about the work. While readers search online for books, they usually don’t have the time to read the synopsis on the back of the book but go for a catchy subtitle or teaser. Subtitles and teasers are brief but can motivate the reader to get the book. There should be a pyramid on the cover, and the title should be the most prominent text readers notice.

Do people, however, evaluate a book by its cover? Yes, because they say the first impression matters a lot, which is the case for books. The book cover is the clothing of the book itself, and it has to look nice and presentable for people to accord its content.

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