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How To Title A Book

How To Title A Book

One can argue that writing a book is the most difficult part of becoming an author. But experienced writers know that coming up with plausible book title ideas is one of the most difficult aspects of producing a book. This is because titles are essentially brief hooks that employ as few words as possible to attract readers to your book.

A title is also the first thing people search for when they come across new books. The decision to buy a book can take less than six seconds if the title is catchy.

Without the perfect title for a book, people might rashly judge the book irrespective of its content. How then can you give your book the right title that matches its quality?

Giving the best title to a book lies in the corridors of the following inexhaustible list:

  • Point out the problem the book is solving
  • Identify the book genre and make the title genre appropriate
  • Use characters as inspiration
  • Create your title to stir intrigue
  • Make it memorable

Point out the problem the book solves

Pointing out the problems the book solves is a great way to start crafting the perfect book title.

Your book’s title should be clear about what your audience will get from reading it. According to publishing experts, a title that makes a clear promise or predicts results will pique your readers’ interest even more.

Identify the book genre and make the title genre-appropriate

Knowing your book’s genre is a safe landing for creating a book title. Some readers are particularly interested in a specific genre, so giving your book an appropriate genre title helps your audience find your book.

Your book title should be written in a way that appeals to both the genre and the intended audience. A love novel, for example, may necessitate flowery language, whilst an action novel may have forceful and powerful language.

This necessitates a thorough understanding of your book’s genre as well as the terms that best fit the title’s style.

Use a character as inspiration.  

When considering a book title, sometimes the book’s main character can give one an idea of what the title should look like. A superb book title encapsulates the protagonist’s personality. Some authors simply title their books with the hero’s name.

For example, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain has blended the hero’s name with their particular attributes to enlighten the audience about the protagonist’s adventures. Moreso,  a fearsome enemy makes for a fantastic book title.


Create your title to stir intrigue.

Stirring intrigue in the minds of your readers starts with the book title. Create unique fictitious titles that stimulate your readers’ interest and persuade them to read your work. In addition, choose a topic that will pique your reader’s interest.

Make it memorable.

The title of a good book should be both memorable and original. Choose unique titles that pique the reader’s interest. The most easily remembered books have a nice-sounding title, are brief, and are one-of-a-kind.

In a nutshell, it is important that you carefully align yourself with the points outlined in this article to help you make the perfect title for your book.