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What To Do After You Publish Your Book

What To Do After You Publish Your Book

You may feel like a stork dropped off a newborn when boxes of your book are delivered to your doorstep. The fine glossy finish and the lovely cover make the book stand out; skimming through the pages, you can almost breathe the ‘new book’ smell. It’s simply euphoric!

I wrote a book!’ you’re undoubtedly thinking.

But after all the excitement, the stumbling block rolls in; what’s next after publishing? This question can steal the excitement of being an author.

If this describes you, and you’re confronting uncertainties after completing the difficult task of writing, editing, and publishing your book, here are your answer in five steps

  • Celebrate
  • Promote
  • Send a copy to influencers or renowned people
  • Get reviews
  • Keep writing
  1. Celebrate!

To become an author is no small feat, and you must celebrate! You have put in the work, time, money, and all of you into the book. Why shouldn’t you celebrate?

Get yourself a drink. Get some pizza. Go ahead and do both! Throw a huge party. You deserve it all.

Celebrate with your loved ones, your publishing team, editors, and readers.

2. Promote your book.

After publishing, promoting your book is the next major step. You should have a promotion strategy.

Would you grant interviews or request them?

What materials will you post on social media, and how frequently?

Is there going to be a giveaway?

Create a strategy that includes a promotion plan for the pre-launch, first week, and post-launch periods.

3. Send copies to influencers and renowned people

Before your book is published, you should make a list of people that can influence your book sales and reach. Once you’ve received copies of your book, send them a complimentary copy (or ask your publisher to send the copies with a note). This helps with word-of-mouth promotion and social credibility. They can share it with their followers, friends, and/or families.

        4. Get reviews.

You can get reviews from the people you send copies of your books to, or from online platforms where your book is available. Reviews are a great way of promoting your book and attracting new readers and/or fans. They also help you know how to improve your writing for your next book projects to give your readers what they would love.

       5. Keep Writing

Unless you only want to author one book, you should move on to your next book. Yes, as you revel in the euphoria of being an author and the success of your book, don’t get carried away. Smell your roses, and move on. Your readers can’t wait to read all of the wonderful stories you have in store for them.

Life doesn’t have to be gloomy after publishing. There will be a moment of feeling low as there’s nothing to look forward to, but don’t get stuck in it. Celebrate your win, promote your book, and keep writing!

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